Benefits of quitting tobacco – You should stop Now

Benefit of quitting tobacco

Benefits of quitting tobacco

If you are a smoker then chances are that you are constantly told that smoking is bad for health and by quitting smoking one can benefit in various ways.

The following 10 points will elaborate on some of the most important stop smoking benefits.

Rare Chances of Lungs Cancer

The most important of all the stop smoking benefits is that by quitting smoking the smoker does not have to worry about increasing his chances of cancer or lung problems.

benefits of not smoking
benefits of not smoking

Less Likely to get dieases

People who do not smoke cigarettes are 3 times less likely to get laryngitis, bronchitis, respiratory infections and various types of cancers.

Avoid Heart Stroke & Breast Cancer

In addition, men who smoke are more likely to die of heart diseases and stroke, where as women who smoke are more likely to get breast cancer.

advantages of quitting smoking
advantages of quitting smoking

Recover inner organs

Most people are not aware that after a person quits smoking, the organs heal and within a few years all the built up tar and other chemicals in the smoker’s body disappear.

benefits of quitting smoking timeline
benefits of quitting smoking timeline

Higher Chances for Pregnancy

Of all the benefits of stop smoking for women one of the most important is that after they quit smoking for a short time, their chances of getting pregnant are much higher.

Benefits of quitting tobacco

No Deformities to New born Child

This is especially beneficial to women who want to get pregnant but cannot mainly because of smoking.

In addition, by quitting smoking women can ensure that their child will not have any deformities due to inhaling smoke while in the fetus.

Best for Savings

Another important and often overlooked stop smoking benefit is that by quitting smoking a smoker can save a lot of money.

On an average a smoker spends $30 a day on cigarettes, which adds up to $10,950 a year.

surprising benefits of quitting smoking
surprising benefits of quitting smoking

Use Money Wisely

People who smoke often find themselves sacrificing various things since they have to keep money aside for this habit every day and hence cannot buy things or save money when they want to.

More attentive to the work

People who smoke often find it hard to concentrate on work and they try to take smoke breaks every hour or two.

This affects their work performance and can lead to problems at work.

Many people also have problems at home due to smoking and by quitting smoking they can ensure that there are no problems at work or at home.

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Avoid Second Hand Smoke

By quitting smoking smokers can not only improve their but they can also improve the health of their family.

Second-hand smoke is considered worse than first-hand smoke since second-hand smoke contains various chemicals that can cause cancer, lung diseases, and strokes.

Although second hand smoke is dangerous for non smoking adults, the main victims of second hand smoke are children, senior citizens and pets.


Remember, although it may feel that quitting this habit is hard,

there are various stop smoking benefits and these benefits always outweigh any perceived disadvantages of quitting smoking.

It is important to note that while quitting smoking, experiencing withdrawal symptoms is normal however,

these withdrawal symptoms usually go away in a few days to a few weeks.

These withdrawal symptoms can be reduced by getting inexpensive but good quality quit smoking aids such as nicotine patches and nicotine gum.

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