10 Most Interesting Facts about Laccadive Sea

Facts about Laccadive Sea inform the people with the body of water located around Sri Lanka, the Maldives and India.

Laccadive Sea is also known as Lakshadweep Sea. The location of Lakshadweep Sea is at the west part of Kerala.

The marine life of Laccadive Sea is very rich. There are at least 3,600 species living in the Gulf of Mannar.

The temperature of the seawater is very stable.

Let us check other interesting facts about Lakshadweep Sea below:

Facts about Laccadive Sea

The major cities

The Shore of Laccadive Sea has several major cities such as Male, Quilon, Colombo and Trivandrum.

The water temperature

The sea has stable water temperature through out the year. During the winter season, it has the average temperature at 25 degrees C. During the summer season, it has the average temperature at 26 to 28 degrees C.

The degree of salinity

The degree of salinity of Sea is measured at 35.5 percent in the south area. The northern part and center part have the degree salinity at 34 percent thus it varies from 34% in the north and center to 35.5% in the south.

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Materials of Laccadive Sea

It’s mostly covered in silt The silt is found at the deeper areas of Laccadive Sea. The sandy materials are found along the coasts.

Laccadive Sea Turtles

The coral species

At least 105 coral species are found along this Sea area.

The atolls are found in the Lakshadweep Islands. hence no. of coral reefs are found in this sea region.

This is a warm sea with rich marine life and is host to approximately different 3,600 species of flora and fauna

Coral Species at Lakshadweep Islands

Pearl banks

For more than 2,000 years, people consider Gulf of Mannar as the banks of pearls. They can find abundant Pinctada fucata and Pinctada radiate. Extracting natural pearls is expensive but the practice continues

Production of pearls

The production of pearls in Laccadive Sea is very high. The pearl fishery in Gulf of Mannar earned praise from Pliny the Elder.

The expense

The expense of extracting the natural pearls is very high. However, this process is still performed in the gulf even though it is expensive.

Laccadive sea

Shankha mollusks

The shells taken from the Xancus pyrum or Shankha mollusks are often applied for religious occasions and rituals

The fish catch

The people can get around 2,000 to 5,000 tonnes of fish from the sea.

The tuna catch occupies roughly 70% of the fish harvested from this part of indian ocean region.

Tuna Fish

Other than tuna and shark many types of fish taken include rays, needlefish, halfbeaks and perches.

Are you fascinated reading facts about Laccadive Sea or Lakshadweep Sea?

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